- Dorris Brendal -

Doris Brendel is largely recognised as one of the most innovative alternative artists of the last decade.  With her unique and distinctive husky voice she stands out in a league of her own. If you are a fan of original artists then this is an essential artist for your collection.

- Cappellino-

This band deliver's catchy, punchy, uptempo songs that get people off their feet. They have a real “groove” about them and Huw Eddy has an outstanding voice. The carnival are rolling out across the UK and Europe to deliver their pulsating parade to the masses

- Huw Eddy & The Carnival -

- Grant Ley -

Grant’s music is full of eloquence with the occasional dip into a more melancholic journey. He will be playing with a band at Trunchonbury 2017! Ultimately it is his story telling and true to the heart approach to his music that makes it so good. A writer of the times, he manages to deliver captivating songs to which any audience can relate. Check out "Single String" below

Odder Seas are a 4 piece indie rock band straight out of Norwich! They have played gigs in London and Norwich, and have been regularly featured on BBC Radio Norfolk! They are set to release their Debut EP in autumn, but if you can’t wait that long check them out below with their song "What Comes Tomorrow"

- Odder Seas -

- Richard Sutton-

One of our favourite bands from Trunchonbury 2014, Ultra Ego are a increasingly successful rock band from Norfolk! Check them out below!

- Ultra Ego-

We are really excited to see him play Trunchonbury 2017! With a beautiful singing voice and amazing skills on the guitar he is certainly one to look out for!

- Falling From Trees -

 Falling From Trees are an acoustic three piece hailing from Norwich! Comprising of two brothers and a sister, the band’s roots can be traced back through several iterations and many more instruments. They are the culmination of these projects, bringing together a folk sensibility with jazzy and soulful vocals! Check out their song entitled "On and On" Below!

Soham's silky smooth voice goes hand in hand with his amazing guitar skills. He has featured on radio stations such as BBC introducing, and still manages to find the time to write and tour!, Check him out below with a cover of James Bays "Let it go"

- Soham De -

Richard Sutton is an extremely talented singer and guitarist! His amazing finger picking skills are only equalled by his smooth voice! Check him out performing "Friend on the go" Below!

- Dick York & The Originals -

We here at Trunchonbury just love Dick York & the oringals style... with catchy tunes and mesmerising guitar riffs, they are certainly one to look out for at Trunchonbury 2017!.. Check out there song "yesterdays boys" below!

This is a band you can really groove to! watch how they utalise a multitude of insturments and yet someone manage to create these perfect harmonies below, in their new track entitled "Bones"

- The Ha' pennies-