Main Stage Headliners:

- The Correspondents -

Back by popular demand, the correspondents! They were a crowd faviroute at Trunchonbury 2017 - and we're so excited to be able to bring them back for the 2018 event!

The Correspondents are a British electro swing duo based in London, 

They have gained a reputation in the electro swing scene for both their energetic musical style—a mixture of early 20th century jazz and swing, with modern electro and drum'n'bass

- Backbeat sound system -

An 8-piece funk reggae outfit Backbeat Soundsystem are a band laden with groove, their up-tempo song craft drawing from numerous influences in creation of a tight, elated sun-clasped sound. Bringing an electronic flavour to the mix, with dub effects, sirens and live analog synthesiser, Backbeat Soundsystem remind the world that dub reggae is at the forefront of dance music culture.

- The Sweetbeats -

The SweetBeats blend sparkling vocals, luscious horns and deep dance beats, with a heady mix of original tunes, rare grooves and vintage dancehall classics. Always lively, they bring colour and fun to any gig, with great stage sets and a fantastic sound, The SweetBeats are sure to fill the dance floor.

- Lit fm-

Lit FM are a 9 piece fusion ensemble consisting of 4 horns, guitar, drums and bass on rhythm, and vocals/keys, playing an eclectic mix of styles ranging from soul/funk/disco to latin/dub/jungle and hip-hop.

Main Stage (Continued)

- De Fuego -

De Fuego is a sensational guitar duo, playing energetic instrumental flamenco and rumba-based music. The group has come a long way since coming together in 2010 and their humble beginnings as buskers in London’s markets. Check out their track "Hummingbird" below!

- Pirate Joe / The Foreign locals  -

A one man band and a rarity in artistry these days, Joe is the epitome of a musical alchemist, connecting with his audience as a conductor would an orchestra, or a Captain and his loyal crew. An old soul on young shoulders, blessed with the ‘spirit of the blues’ and a voice to match,

This is surely not one to miss at the 2018 event!

- Uprising  -

An energetic Indie/Rock 4 piece band hailing from Norwich, England. They touch on those Britpop bangers by Blur, Oasis, and Pulp but also bring a healthy dose of ROCK! With classics from The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Foo Fighters and even Metallica!

- Shyer  -

A Cambridgian foursome playing upbeat originals with catchy riffs and melodic hooks. Reminiscent of 90s female-fronted alt rock - think 'Letters to Cleo', 'The Audience' and a heavier 'The Sundays'.

- History & Lore -

- Mammal Not fish -

Blending Indie Rock with undertones of Funk and Reggae, Mammal Not Fish is a fresh new four piece band born from Norwich. With funky riffs, driving bass lines, catchy lyrics and rhythms you can’t help dancing to, this is one band you are going to want to see live.

- Falling from Tree's  -

Falling From Trees are an acoustic three piece hailing from Norwich! The band’s roots can be traced back through several iterations and many more instruments. They are the culmination of these projects, bringing together a folk sensibility with jazzy and soulful vocals!

Check out their song entitled "On and On" Below!

- The Skipyard Rockers -

The Skipyard rockers really know how to please a crowd!, With a huge variety of different instruments and voices, they create a well polished Reggae vibe! We loved watching them play at our 2009, 2014 and 2017 event! Check them out below:

- Shoredtich Surf Club -

The Shoreditch Surf Club are a London based 3 piece Indie Surf Rock band, who met while continually pursuing their passion of surfing, drinking beer, and standing next to bonfires for as long as possible.

Since recording their eponymously titled album in 2014, they have gone from strength to strength, and with a new release on the horizon things are looking hot for this band of surf crazy, music-loving dudes.


Its time to bring their sweet musical breaking waves to Trunchonbury.


Radiation Sandwhich - Shoreditch surf club
00:00 / 00:00
Talking Dirty - Shoreditch surf club
00:00 / 00:00
Turn down the Light - Shoreditch surf club
00:00 / 00:00

- Dick York & the Originals  -

- Top Banana  -

Top Banana are a 'show band' who guarantee a good time, with tunes from the 60's, 70's and 80's, as well as a few more up-to-date numbers. They have one rule on picking songs - you have to be able to dance to everything they play! 

- The SweetBeats  -

The SweetBeats are an 8 piece RockSteady dance band, the melodic and soulful missing link between early '60s upbeat SKA and the chilled-down Reggae music of early '70s Jamaica - topped with an occasional frosting of Dub.