Communication exercises for best relationship

If you take a look at the hard pressed to argue against the idea that the way the ordinary person is coming relationships just is not working. This begs the question – what’s the issue? And while it may be tough to pinpoint a single response, because there are certain to be a lot of them, it is safe to say that among the toughest aspects of a relationship is communication. Why else would there be such a wealth of advice floating around the net, and of course bookstores, dealing with conflict resolution and communication exercises?

Where we get it wrong

Look, nobody is pointing fingers. Successful communication is extremely tricky. And unfortunately, most people who step into relationships have not had sufficient training on this issue. And why would they? With so many negative examples of union on the market, what are the chances that they saw positive communication in your home? See, the first Breakdown of communication comes long before you ever enter a connection. It happens when you are growing up. It happens as you are being increased, learning the principles of social interaction. At this time, lots of us are not programmed to input into two way communication. Rather, we know to attempt to be heard. Yet listening is equally as important.


Now, even if you learned the principles and techniques unknowingly through different Communication Exercises growing up, the odds are slim that your spouse did as well. So what ends up happening is that the both of you are in a relationship where you have different communication styles. Perhaps one of you has it right. Perhaps you do not. Or perhaps you have it right, yet your styles do not work well together. Whichever the case, the outcome is the same. And left to own devices, this communication issue will eat away at your relationship until it destroys it. We all need a bit help sometimes. Be it from a doctor, a counselor, a religious adviser whoever. Seeking help indicates that you genuinely want to make things work. The question is what type of help do you require? Well, if you are having difficulties communicating with your spouse, then you may benefit from communication exercises.

Now be careful that you do not simply Google communication exercises, find some tips, and try them in your home. This halfhearted method will probably lead to nothing but additional frustration. Instead, you would be sensible to look for a life skills coach who can provide you with legitimate communication skills coaching. Such a coach will give you communication exercises you and your partner can practice together that will undoubtedly help you in turning your connection around.